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The Significant Others: All About Us

"Unique approach, universal appeal - combined elements of indie, top 40, alt-country, classic rock & hip hop make the Significant Others as danceable as they are lovable."

The Significant Others is a rock band that serves up a potent party cocktail. Theirs is a rare chemistry that blends an eclectic list of songs, a love of playing music with each other, and a healthy pour of incredible live energy.  The mix is strong, one that unifies both band and crowd in a single common cause: getting people up for getting down.


This five-piece brotherhood brings a powerful and positive energy to every event. They play the old stuff (Otis Redding, The Police, Frankie Valli), the new stuff (Maroon 5, Vampire Weekend, The Black Keys), and everything in between (Huey Lewis & The News, Tupac, Sublime, and yes, Whitney Houston too).  Through inventive arrangements, tight medleys, and danceable grooves, the band turns each and every performance into an event - YOUR event.    


And just when you think the blend is near perfect, charismatic frontman Dave “Sully” Sullivan infuses the perfect layer of cool to complement the band’s pure fire.  From their unique stage decor and tasteful production to a bumping rhythm section and spot-on harmonies, the band delivers a unique approach with universal appeal.  


So, go ahead — take a sip, have a blast.

The Significant Others is the kind of band you’ve heard of but never seen. 

Now’s your chance.  

Please see the CONTACT page for booking information. 

You can also e-mail Scott (drummer/bandleader/fashionista) for an up-to-date song list.  Songs are continually added to the Significant Others' catalogue... 


Dave "Sully" Sullivan - lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, lead iPad

Sully made his stage debut singing ‘The Monster Mash’ in a tight fitting Dracula costume, a performance for which he won his sixth grade talent show. The next year he raised the bar performing an a cappella version of ‘Suicide is Painless- the theme from M.A.S.H.’ for which he was banned from ever appearing in school talent shows again. Little did he know it, but this musical identity crisis would define his career for the next 25 years. He may not have been a puppet, pauper, pirate, poet, pawn or a king; but he has been a southern rocker, metal screamer, blues man, soul crooner, electro-lounger and a “disco” king. Luckily for Sully, along came The Venture Rays, and just days away from the release of his first attempt at gangsta-rap,.  They found this musical schizophrenia to be “just what the doctor ordered” for belting out the wide range of music the band covers. When he’s not hitting the road with V.R., Sully enjoys spending time with his wife Sara and baby son Freeman (who has inherited the Dracula costume and teeth).

Oh, have you seen his phone and/or keys? 

Forrest Link - guitar, vocals, resident ginger

Forrest has red hair and a tan suit.

He is a young buck with an old soul, a sweet kid with seasoned fingers.      

He loves long distance relationships, shiny guitars and MTO food from Sheetz.    

Nate Griffith - keys, synth, vocals, guitar, melodica, slide whistle, camera

Nate has a penchant for music, cooking, and suspenders.  

One time he made an entire movie about The Significant Others.  If you look really hard on the internet you just may find it...

You should hear his Whitney-Houston-as-David-Byrne-Would-Do-It impression.  

Nick Triano - bass, vocal, resident hoagie aficionado

Nicholas Dominic Triano likes music, locksmithing, and farm animals. 

He recently became a vegetarian.  

This band has taught him all sorts of things, like how to properly roll XLR cables, and that prosciutto is meat.

Scott Milstead - drums, percussion, trailer ninja

I grew up in a town called Radnor, it's about 15 miles west of Philadelphia. I came to Virginia to attend Randolph-Macon College and never went back (not that I don't love Pennsylvania). I was a founding member of Carbon Leaf and was with them for a formative 15 years.  In addition to playing live, I do a lot of teaching, including private drum set lessons (Key Signatures) and the Monacan High School Drum Line.  I used to want to be an astrophysicist, but I'm very content being a vegetarian drummer.  

Chuck Harrell - Front of House Engineer/Catch-All Roadie/Nicest Guy in the Band

Chuck is the sweetest person you'll meet, right up until you put that drink down on top of our subwoofer.  Then, well, let's just say Chuck gets a little mama bear when the need arises.  

If you think the band sounds good, it's his fault.  

Need a multi-tool?  Call Chuck.  Need a 3 hr ride home at 2 am?  Call Chuck.  Need to check your twitter account?  Don't call Chuck, he has a flip phone... 

Chuck's a badass and he's all ours.