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The Significant Others: What's Up?!!

Merry New Year - November 23, 2018

As the holidays descend upon us once again, it's time to reflect on the year that was, as well as the year that will be.  To take stock of all we are thankful for, and all we hope to accomplish in 2019...

I won't bore you with our 2019 goals, but I will say we are very thankful we are still able to do this (i.e. play music for you) after so many rewarding and memorable years.  We are also thankful for our 2 new band members, Nick Triano (joined on bass guitar in March of this year) and Jordan Garrett (joined on lead/backup vox and keys in August of this year).  We are so thankful that we get to round the corner of 2018 and greet 2019 with a new energy and optimism that's been brought by Nick and Jordan.  And most importantly, we are thankful for you - whether you've hired us to play for your event, or have come to see us at a public performance, or have just enjoyed some tracks here online, whatever the case - thank you.  

Here's to a happy holiday season, and a peaceful and prosperous 2019.  

-the significant others

Time marches on... - July 6, 2018

Been a minute since our last update... We have a shiny new bass player and lots of new gigs.  We have been busy playing said live gigs, as well as working on our own band video.  That video is set to be released ... eventually.  It includes a bride, a groom, drone footage, sparklers, and drummer scott vacuuming out a car.  All the makings of a true cinematic masterpiece.  You won't want to miss it.  Until then, stay cool (like, literally - it's really hot outside) and be well...

-the significant others

Looking Ahead - March 23, 2017

Hello to you, thanks for visiting our lil' ole website (these ARE still in use, aren't they?).  

We're a little late on our 'happy new year' post, so let's go with Happy Spring 2017.  We're very much looking forward to the upcoming season.  We have loads of new material, and a shiny new video almost in the can. Below is a pic from the shoot, it oughta tide you over... In the meantime, we thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you out and about...


the significant others




See the Forrest for the Trees - June 15, 2016

If you're reading this, welcome!  It's been a long while since we've written, much has happened... More gigs have been booked, even more have been played.  More songs have been added to the venerable Significant Others Song List, even more have been performed.  And most notably, our esteemed guitar player and forever friend Chris Ryan departed the band back in January.  We're glad to report that the huge void left by Chris' presence was quickly and expertly filled by one Forrest Link.  Forrest is an insanely good musician & guitar player, and an even more insanely good person.  And he has as much or more red hair as Chris, so we don't even need to change our band photos.  We loved him from the first note of the audition, we're sure you will love him too...

Also, as we continue our effort to ramp up our social media presence, here are a couple tidbits that might interest you.  We understand the kids these days like their social media, so we do too...  


tweet: @TheSigOthers

Happy summer, hope to see you at a gig soon... 

All the best, 

the significant others



Shout Out - February 10, 2015

I believe kids these days call it a "shout out" when someone calls unexpected attention to a person, place or thing (also known as a noun).  So thank you to Hayley Watson for our super cool shout out...

A Whole Year - January 9, 2015

It's been a whole entire year since we updated this post.  This seems unacceptable to me - but what can you do?It's done.  I mean, it wasn't done.  I mean, not doing it is done.  It's time to move on... And move on we have.

What a stellar year we had in 2014.  We met so many great people - planners, photographers, caterers (we had some damn tasty meals last year), venue managers, and, of course, our uber hip clients, the wonderful brides and grooms who make what we do possible.  So thank you to all for a fulfilling year of playing music.  We're looking forward to doing it again in 2015.  

What's coming up you ask?  Let's see... we booked studio time for late February to record a new batch of tunes.  We have a club date (our first in a couple years) booked at The Camel here in our fine city of Richmond (that's March 5th - check the calendar page for the details).  We're in the market for a new trailer, ours blew up.  And we're working on a shiny new website, to be unveiled who-knows-when, but hopefully sooner than later!  In the meantime, enjoy THIS website.  Check out our facebook page too...   

Happy New Year, may it be equal parts prosperous and joyous.  

The Significant Others


Happy New Name/Year - January 10, 2014

Greetings all, happy 2014.  Two big changes to report (in addition to the calendar):  

1.  We have a new name.  We are now The Significant Others.  It's memorable, it's sensitive, it's mysterious.  It's sexy, it's catchy, it evokes images that are significant and otherly.  In short, it's all the things we strive to be.  We can only hope to live up to the epic nature of our new name.  

2.  We'd like to welcome our newest, bravest, latest and greatest significant other to the band, Chris Ryan.  Chris is a stellar guy and a mean (in a good way) guitar player.  He also sings, dresses well, and rides in style.  Welcome Chris, we are stoked to have you.  

2013 was a banner year for us, and we're excited to build on that in the upcoming 12 months.  We hope to record some new demos later this year, as well as post some new pix (so everyone can stop wondering what Chris looks like.  Rest assured, he's a handsome lad.)  Till then, happy new year, be well! 

-the significant others

5 Men & A Booth - July 29, 2013

Hey all, we're enjoying a relaxing yet prosperous summer, we hope you are too.  Here's a shot we took at a gorgeous wedding we were fortunate to play in Cape Charles, VA (congratulations Candace and Vaughn!). Nothing says "cheese" like 5 grown men in a very confined space.  

We're looking forward to more great gigs on the horizon - have a great remainder of the summer.  

peace and love,

the venture rays


Jump Around - June 11, 2013

Sully getting down (or up?) at a wedding in Scottsville, VA (congratulations Colby and Kellen!).  Special thanks to Ron Dressel Photography ( for the great shot.  



Easing into 2013 - February 5, 2013

Greetings and Salutations my friends.  Just a quick note here to say Happy New Year (albeit a tad belated), and that we, your friendly neighborhood Venture Rays, are very much looking forward to seeing you in the weeks and months ahead.  With Groundhog Day behind us and spring on the horizon, we are eager to share with you the new tunes we've been working up whilst in vibernation (that's venture ray hibernation to you).  Until then, we wish you a warm and peaceful end to these long winter months.  Be well friends, we will see you soon! 


The Venture Rays Care... we really do - November 12, 2012

Hi All - Though it's only mid-NOV, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who's hired us, supported us, listened to us, complimented us, or hasn't asked us to turn down (recently).  We've had an incredible 2012, and with only one or 2 more gigs to go before the end of the year, we're already looking forward to a busy and prosperous 2013.  Keep an eye peeled for our new video, it should be making it's debut shortly.  Until then, enjoy the new pix in the photo gallery, including these few from this fall...

Thanks again everyone!  Happy (almost) Holidays! 



Weddings make Sully SO emotional, he just couldn't hold it together.... 


Our new buds (err, brothers?!) at Beta Theta Pi (Washington & Lee Univ.):


Pyrotechnics, Venture Rays style... 


Out with the OLD, in with the NEW - August 29, 2012

Hi all!  As the summer fades, we are preparing for a busy fall that will take us all over Virginia, from Newport News to Charlottesville to Fredericksburg and back to our fair city of Richmond.  If you're not getting married this fall but still want to see the band :-) , come to the Fluvanna Wine Festival in Palmayra, VA (SEPT 29) or to The Otterhouse in Fredericksburg, VA (OCT 19).  And if you do make it out, please come say 'hello' to Nate Griffith, our new guitar/lead suspenders player.  He plays guitar almost as well as he dresses.  

Thanks for stopping by!  Be well, we hope to run into you somewhere along the way...


The band with our August 25th bride in Lexington, VA (thank you Kate and Ryan!!!  And Congressman Crowley!)


Back to Work! - May 12, 2012

Greetings everyone!  We are thrilled to be getting busy again.  We've had a great 2012 thus far, including beautiful weddings in Fisherville, VA, Charlottesville, VA, Barboursville, VA, and Sapphire, NC (at the gorgeous Camp Merrie Wood).  We've also begun recording new demos (which sound incredible - thanks jody boyd!) and shooting a new promo video (which looks equally incredible - thanks mike jarvis!).  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for those soon. For now, it's back to work, and we couldn't be more excited!  See you soon we hope...


Hiber Nation 2012 - February 2, 2012

Hey all!  We are hard at work learning new songs and brushing up old songs.  We look forward to seeing you at Kahill's in South Hill for St. Patrick's Day.  And once April hits, we're off and running for an increasingly busy wedding season.  Keep an eye on the Calendar page to see when we'll be near you...

We'd also like to send a huge WELCOME to our latest addition, Scott Harris, on bass guitar/vocals/turbo long hair. And as if his playing, superfluous follicles and general presence hadn't warmed us enough, his lovely daughter drew the lovely picture that now graces the splash page on this here website.  AWESOME!  So, welcome Scott!  

That's all for now... back to work! 


Happy 2012! - January 2, 2012

Hello Venture Ray Website Visitor!  Happy 2012 to ya.  We are very excited about this upcoming year, as we expect it to be our busiest and best to date.  We have recently welcomed Dave "Sully" Sullivan on lead vocal duties, and we will soon be debuting a new bassist as well.  A little hint as to who it might be:  his initials are TBA, and he's cousins with TBD.  

Please take a moment to peruse the calendar page to see where & when we'll be playing near you, unless it's a wedding reception, in which case, if you weren't actually invited to the wedding, you can't come.  Sorry, we don't make the rules, we just follow them... Otherwise, see you soon!  

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous year... 

The Venture Rays 

PS.  Check out this super awesomely nice letter we received from a happy bride (you might have to turn your head, or your computer).  Thanks Marija & Mike!  Congratulations again!  



Winding Down, Gearing Up - August 13, 2011

Hi all - The band is enjoying a much needed lull as summer winds down.  But we'll be back at it this fall, with gigs that take us from Maryland to Georgia.  Also, look for us to return to The Otterhouse (Fredericksburg) and Kahill's (South Hill) later this year.  And we've already begun booking for 2012, so if you're looking that far ahead, please don't wait to get in touch!  Click the Contact/Booking tab to the left for all related booking info... 

Thanks for stopping by, we hope to see you soon...



Venture Ray St. Patrick's Day! - March 8, 2011

Please come join us at The Republic ( on St. Patrick's Day (March 17th, 2011)... Drink some beer.  Listen to some tunes.  Kiss the Donny Stone.  We will be debuting some new tunes, including some Irish-appropriate numbers... Come celebrate with us!  



Almost Not Winter Anymore 2011 - February 16, 2011

Hello All - As the days slowly get longer (summer solstice, here we come), we wanted to duck in to say 'thanks' for 2 great shows these past few weeks (The Republic here in Richmond and Kahill's in South Hill).  And we are very much looking forward to our return visit to The National (FEB 18th - like, 2 days from now).  After that, it's off to DC next week for a private function, and then back to The Republic on March 17th for a very VR St. Patrick's Day celebration.  That show is free, and we'll play 7-10 pm.  Shepherd's Pie and Guiness for all our friends... 

see you soon! 


Yule Tide Greetings, Y'all! - December 9, 2010

Now that the days are shorter and the weather has turned cold, we here at VR headquarters would like to wish you and yours a splendid holiday season.

The band will be at The Republic ( on JAN 25th to help you muddle through your post-holiday doldrums.

And we're playing a very special show on FEB 25th at The National ( with our good friends The Word Brown and The Velvet Marias. More on that to come!

That's all for now. Be well, stay warm!

like an overstuffed stocking oozing with holiday love,
the venture rays

It's Almost HALLOWEEN!!! - October 19, 2010

We'll be playing a Halloween party here in Richmond at Amber Grove Inn ( on Saturday, OCT 30th. TIX are $25/couple, and includes finger food and beer (cash bar also). Set times 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm. Come hang out with us!



HaPPy Fall Y'aLL - September 19, 2010

Summer 2010 was grand for the band, and we're looking forward to an exciting fall/winter... We'd like to welcome our latest and greatest additions: Nate Brown (The Word Brown, Oregon Hill Funk All-stars) on keys and vocals, & the fabulous Tod Ellsworth (from Steve Bassett's great band) on electric bass, upright bass, and vocals. The band sounds better than it ever has.

We have 6 new songs for you to check out. A special shout out to Palmer Wilkins of Millwright Sound (Richmond, VA) for helping make us sound as good as we can...

New recorded songs include:

Magick (ryan adams)
Cecelia (paul simon)
Gone, Gone, Gone (robert plant/allison krauss)
Safety Dance (men without hats)
Come Dancing (the kinks)
Crazy (gnarls barkley)

And a big THANK YOU to Rick Kidd (Rick Kidd Photography) for our groovy new pix. Rest assured, we sound better than we look (not that these pix don't rock your eyeballs)...

Drop us a line if you'd like to book the band, make a song request, or just say HELLO !

- V.R.

Happy Happy Summer - June 9, 2010

hey all, thx for stopping by. Lots of new changes on the way. New pix and demo's coming soon. Also, we'd like to welcome Tod Ellsworth on bass and Nate Brown on keys/vox. The band is working diligently, tightening up old songs and adding new ones. We have a busy Summer on deck - check out the CALENDAR pg to see where we'll be. Till then, happy sunning.


Happy Holidays All - December 8, 2009

Happy Holidays everyone. We wish you a pleasant end to 2009 and a bright 2010, filled with peace, love & music. We will be in hibernation for the next few months, but look for us sometime in late winter. We will be armed with a few extra pounds and several new tunes. Be good...


Summer Already -- FO REAL? - June 17, 2009

Wow VR cronies, time sure flies when you're having fun, and we've been having loads of fun since we last spoke. Thanks to all the VR faithful that have made our acoustic shows nothing less than special, but we have to say, the full on rock show is something you won't want to miss this summer. As our esteemed lead mullet, JB likes to remind us, we've learned a lot of "80's for the Ladies". That's right, so if you're "Hungry Like The Wolf" then "Don't Stop Believin'" because we have the musical cure for your disease.

If you're reading this before June 26th 2009, you won't want to miss us at Grandpa Eddies BBQ next Friday. In addition to our 80's tunes, we've also mastered a few new songs by Wilco, Ryan Adam, Gnarls Barkley and Death Cab for Cutie .. that's right, we're hipper than those other guys. If you're reading this after June 26th, well, you missed a wild night of ribs, wings and great music .. a near sell out I heard.

I guess that's enough senseless rambling for one post, so stay cool and hydrated and don't forget to support your lovable Venture Rays.

xo peeps,
Team VR


Hello ALL - Happy Spring, we hope good things are blooming or blossoming or just generally happening for you. They are for us, and here they are... New tunes (you should hear our version of 'Crazy' - it's killing! And of course a little more Wilco), new PIX (now up on the pix pg.), and, most importantly, new GIGs. We are busy as bees, pollinating your ears with the sweet sounds of melodious nectar... That's it for now - stay tuned (and hydrated)!

team VR
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