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The Significant Others: What They're Saying!

Hi Andrew!  The Significant Others were awesome!  They were the
perfect band for Matt and Maggie's wedding!!!  I now know why Maggie
booked them first thing as soon as she became engaged.  The band
arrived on time, set up their stage area, were most kind when I spoke
with them.  The gentleman that coordinated the entrance of the wedding
party was wonderful and so very kind!  Their music was perfect!  The
dance floor was full all night long.  I truly appreciate everything
Sam Hill Entertainment and The Significant Others did to make Maggie &
Matt's reception such a fun evening.

Best Wishes, Susan

June 11, 2016 - Happy Mother of the Bride (Jun 14, 2016)

Hi Andrew,

I hope this message finds you well! I have to say, our wedding was absolute perfection!!! 
The Significant Others were magnificent from start to finish! I regret to tell you that we relegated the band to the dining room of our venue, an ancestral home. Although we offered the band a lovely space, it permitted very little privacy. As far as I know, there was not a single complaint about this from The Significant Others. In fact, it was magical to hear the band warming their voices when I was up the stairs or inside the house. In addition, make-up and hair artists had me sit in a dining room chair to "touch up" slightly before the ceremony, and the band never made anyone feel uncomfortable. I took the opportunity with the band to say how much Adam and I loved them when we heard them at another wedding, and they responded kindly, humbly, and warmly. From what I could see, they were completely professional and appropriate.
Moreover, I had a great number of guests rave about the breadth of the band's playlist and the variety of their music. Some said, "This is the best wedding band that I have ever seen!" These are not just run-of-the-mill wedding guests, either, I am talking about people, who have been on the wedding circuit and who know a thing-or-two about a good wedding band! The band was purely entertaining and they timed their breaks harmoniously with the flow of the event, so as not to lose momentum in the vibes of the night. 
Adam and I recall vividly looking back from the dance floor at the tables under the tent and noticing that not a single guest was sitting, disengaged, or looking as though they were not having a good time. This was what we wanted!!! People were on the dance floor and having FUN! Having brought together so many different people from so many different phases of our lives, it truly was a phenomenal feat to have them ALL entertained. We can hardly express how great the band was! We love The Significant Others. Feel free to use us as a referral!
Janie Williams



May 14, 2016 - Happy Couple (May 26, 2016)


Hi Andrew,
Thank you for your well wishes.  Everything was perfect.  The Significant Others exceeded our expectations.  All of our guest commented on how great of a band they were and how much they enjoyed their performance, energy and set lists.  At a few points throughout the wedding, every guest (including my husband's 90 year old grandmother) were on the dance floor having a great time. Thank you!
I'll be sure to send any relevant formal photos when we receive them.  I'm positive the photographer got many great shots of the band and our guests dancing the night away.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can do get the word out.  We will definitely recommend them to anyone.
With much gratitude,



April 2, 2016 - Happy Bride (Apr 14, 2016)

Hi Andrew,

Thanks! See below:
The Significant Others were indescribably good. Their online recordings do not do them justice. As a music group, they have an extremely unique, personal vibe. During our dinner hour, they chose perfect music to accompany dinner, and man did they start the party when it came time to start dancing. They were incredibly fun, and made the night. Our guests (of all ages) could not stop raving about them. When we look back on our wedding, they stand out as the one of the best parts of the day. 
Leading up to the wedding, they were accommodating and professional. They made sure that we had all we needed before the wedding so that we didn't have to worry about a thing. Just before we were introduced at the reception as a couple, one of the bandmates made sure that we knew what we were doing since everything was a blur. Afterwards, the whole band introduced themselves which really made a difference. 
Overall, we cannot recommend them enough. We wish we could get married again just so that we can have them perform for us again!
Frankie Baruffi


October 11, 2015 - Happy Bride (Dec 7, 2015)


Hi Andrew,
Thanks for reaching out and for the congratulations.
We absolutely loved The Significant Others - it was one of the best decisions we made in planning our wedding. We received many very genuine compliments about the band, including one guest that said The Significant Others were one of the best bands he'd seen in the last twenty years.  Our time with the band was supposed to begin at 7:30, but Scott graciously agreed to play our first dance song at 7:00 with no problem, which was really special for me and Rich.  Also, The Significant Others made sure they played the songs on my "must play" list and the rest of the songs in their set fit perfectly with our style / preferences. Many of our guests never left the dance floor and the dance floor was still full through the last song of the evening. One of the best parts about The Significant Others was that they really interacted with the crowd and really helped get everyone into the celebrations.  My husband and I had recently attended another wedding where the band played beautifully, but they didn't really get the crowd into it. Scott and the rest of the band was really wonderful about making their performance really personal to our wedding.  We have nothing but wonderful things to say about the band, they truly gave a memorable performance.  Lastly, working with you and the rest of the team at Sam Hill made bookings so easy and seamless - we would definitely recommend Sam Hill and The Significant Others to anyone looking to book a live band for an event.
Thanks so much for everything,


October 10, 2015 - Happy Bride (Nov 2, 2015)

Hi  Mike,
Thanks for the best wishes!  The Significant Others were amazing!  They did such a great job and really got the party going and kept it going.  I have had so many guests tell me how great they were and many calling them the 'best wedding band ever'.  I was very nervous about the band because I had not heard them in person but they surpassed my expectations!  Thank you for your help with getting them booked.  I'll definitely refer people to them as well as Sam Hill.  
Thank you again,

4.13.13 - Happy Bride (May 5, 2013)

Hi Andy,


I've been meaning to conctact Scott and tell him how much we appreciate

the guys doing such an amazing job at our wedding.  To say they were amazing

is an understatement.  They MADE the reception.  The music they chose was

perfect and the song they learned for our first dance was too.  It's a

shame that we had to end the party at 11 becuase we were having such a great

time.  Please tell Scott and the rest of the guys how much Genia and I appreciate

them making our reception so much fun.




3.31.12 - Happy Groom (Mar 31, 2012)



You beat me to it! They were AWESOME. Such great guys - so easy to work with.

I can't compliment them enough. They were on time, they rocked the dining

hall, they barely took breaks, they were super friendly and eager to

please and I loved them!


It was a great experience across the board and I know they were exhausted

since they had a gig Friday night - but they never let it show and they

all seemed genuinely happy to be there.


The Coles & Dyers were thrilled with them and everyone had a blast.


It was a great experience from my end and I would certainly recommend them



Thanks for following up!



4.5.12 - Happy Planner (Apr 5, 2012)

Hi Andrew,


You touched base with my wife Laura about a week ago about the Venture Rays.

They were absolutely wonderful.  Everyone had a great time dancing to the

wide range of music they played.  They kept the night rolling along and it

definitely ended too soon.  We asked them to learn Billy Joel's "Just the

way you are" for the father-daughter dance and the keyboardist did a great

job with it.  I had briefly mentioned to Scott that I was a huge Peter

Gabriel fan, and they found some awesome orchestral covers of his songs to

play for the break, which I thought was awesome.  Multiple people asked us

during and after our wedding who the band was and we were more than happy to

pass their name on and will continue to do so in the future.  A huge thanks

to the Venture Rays for being an integral part of our special night!


John and Laura

4.21.12 - Happy Groom (Apr 21, 2012)

Andy, thanks so much for providing an outstanding band for our daughter's

wedding reception!! The Venture Rays were so good! Everyone enjoyed their

music ,and they were fun to dance to. They could not have been more pleasant

to work with! Best of luck to you and your company... if the Venture Rays

are an indication of the talent level you have on hand, you should be just

fine! All the best... Sharon Cole

5.5.12 - Happy Mother-of-the-Bride (May 5, 2012)



Hope this finds you well.....


Excuse my language but HOLY SHIT.......You guys rocked!  Our wedding was a

complete success!  I never imagined  having such a awesome PARTY!  Thank

you for keeping people on the dance floor all night long!  :)  You played

our song perfectly and we truly could not have asked for anything



Thanks again!

Sarah & Rob

5.19.12 - Happy Bride (May 19, 2012)

Hey Mike-


First of all.......Thank you for everything you did for Rob and I to make

this process easy.  As for The Venture Rays they were awesome!  The music

truly made the night.  I knew that it would be great just listening to

their first set while we ate dinner....I wanted to dance then and some people

did!  Following dinner/toasts they kept the dance floor packed all night long!

:)  The variety of music was perfect.  The guys were also super chill and

great to chat with our guest truly enjoyed them!  We had the best night and

could not have asked for anything more!


Thanks again for everything!

Sarah Zolla

5.19.12 - Happy Bride (still!) (May 19, 2012)


Loved your band- you were all so fun! and the music was GREAT.  i'm adding

you to my vendor list so be ready to be in touch!  Thank you and the rest

of the guys for being so easygoing :)



5.27.12 - Happy Planner (May 27, 2012)

Hi Scott,


I just wanted to thank you and the band again for a wonderful, fun

evening!  All our guests had a ball, the music and dancing were superb!  Also,

thanks for working with us on the slight time shift;  I know you had a long, late

drive back, and want you to know how much we appreciate everything.

One of the guests is the wedding coordinator at one of the premier venues

in our area.  I gave her your information;  don't know if you would want to

come this distance again, but if you do, you'll probably be getting some



Thanks again,


Patty Hurwitz

6.2.12 - Happy Mother-of-the-Bride (Jun 2, 2012)

Hey Andrew,

We LOVED the Venture Rays!! They were just what we were looking for. Our

guests couldn't get enough and begged for multiple encores :) We were

totally impressed with the music, upbeat and fun, and the band was

professional and accomodating to our needs. We will definitely recommend

them to others!


Thank you and all the members of the band!


Liz Lopez

6.16.12 - Happy Bride (Jun 16, 2012)

Hi Andy,



Venture Rays was great! One of my favorite bands we've had here in a long

time. And I'm not the only one to have said that while they were playing!



thanks again,


Shauna Harris


Event Planner/Sales Manager


Bald Head Island Club


(910) 457-7300 x106


The Bald Head Island Club

6.23.12 - Happy Planner (Jun 23, 2012)



Hey! Its Magan Ward, we had such a great time with you guys at our

wedding!  Let me know if you need me to write a review, I would love to!

I hope yall enjoyed Bald Head and the club as well! And I hope yall get to

come back!


Well I wanted to know if you guys had the playlist that you used for our

wedding? I would love to make a playlist out of it for myself!


Thanks again, yall were great!!


Magan Overcash Ward

6.23.12 - Happy Bride (still!) (Jun 23, 2012)

Hi Andrew,

We are finally adjusting back into reality after the wedding and

honeymoon. We seriously had the best time at our wedding and a lot of that had to do

with the Venture Rays.  Scott and the band we so awesome they really

played a great set.  I have to tell you I am not a big dancer, but during the

reception i never stopped dancing and having a great time.  Adam is the

same way and he was right next to me on the dance floor for most of the night.


Adam was thrilled that they played a Mumford and Sons song, its one of his

favorite bands thee days and i had mentioned it in the Venture Rays

questionnaire, so it was so awesome that they played it that night.


The band was so great and professional we really cant thank you enough for

suggesting them.


Thanks again and we will definitely recommend them!




7.14.12 - Happy Bride (Jul 14, 2012)

Hi Andy,


Thanks for your email!  The Venture Rays were amazing!  We had the BEST

time.  Everyone was up and dancing, which was my goal :) and we have

gotten tons of complements on our band selection.  Also, Scott was great to

communicate with leading up to the big day.  He had some really helpful

timeline suggestions but was also willing to be very flexible.  All in all

it was a great time and we are so happy the Venture Rays were a part of

our wedding day.


Thank you for helping us book them!

Mary Elizabeth

7.21.12 - Happy Bride (Jul 21, 2012)

Hi Scott,


Thank you guys so much!  You were AWESOME!  We had the best time!  You guys

were so much fun and really kept the party going.  We did not want it to

end.  I am so glad you got some good footage, hopefully nothing too

embarrassing since it sounds like we are in some of it.  The chandelier

pinata is the perfect name for that spectacle, thank goodness it didn't

come crashing down!


We are headed to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the morning!  We cant wait!

Thank you again for the best night of our lives!



Mary Elizabeth and Paulin

7.21.12 - Happy Bride (still!) (Jul 21, 2012)


"The band was fantastic!  Everyone danced constantly and yelled "Encore" when the night was over.  We could not have been more pleased!"

-Mother of the Bride (June 26th, 2011)


"Hey Andy - The Venture Rays were awesome!!  They were professional, talented, with such fun personalities.  We really enjoyed having them play.  All of our guests just raved about how good they were and how much fun they had at our party.  The Venture Rays had everyone dancing, and most importantly, the birthday girl had an amazing time.  Thanks so much!  Hope to work with the Venture Rays again in the future!"

-Liz (host of private birthday party, JUNE 2011)


"Hi Scott, I just wanted to thank you again for an amazing show Friday night.  I had people telling me all weekend how great you all were!" 

-Jenna Baer (Office of Annual Giving, University of Richmond) - JUNE 2011


"Hello, Scott. This is Damien from the October 17th Main Street Station wedding. Now that we've settled in here in Denver (we got internet this morning), I wanted to thank you and your band for such a great time. You guys were both very professional and fun, and the little improvisations due to my own aloofness (I know we weren't the easiest couple to work with), were seamless. Really, thank you so much. Everyone has had great things to say about your performance!"

-Damien (married OCT 17, 2010)


"Venture Rays, You guys rocked at our wedding. I'm so glad I found you on line. The music couldn't of been better! Thx for being part of making our wedding one of a kind. And to end on ring of fire! Ahhhhh. :))))). Well we our off to HI for our honeymoon. I'm Def. Gonna recommend you guys to anyone that needs a kick a-s band. We are going to post a good review once we are at a computer. Scott, please forward this to the entire band. Have a great day!"

-Anna-Marie (married OCT 16, 2010)


"Hey Scott!! Just a note to thank you and the Venture Rays for a FANTASTIC performance last night at Anna-marie and John's wedding. You all knocked it out of the park!! I'm sorry I left without saying goodbye, but I knew that once you gave into 1 extra song If I waited for you to finish I could be there all night!!! Please pass along my thanks to your band, I enjoyed everyone. I look forward to working with you all again soon."

Raquel Shutt, CWP, MBA Owner, Wedding Savvy, Inc.


From: Amanda Shapiro Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 2010 10:00 PM To: Andy @ Sam Hill Entertainment Subject: Re: Venture Rays

Hi Andy, Loved the Venture Rays band! We had lots of compliments about them. In addition to providing excellent entertainment, they were also very personable. I would highly recommend them. :) Amanda


From: Jennie Logan Sent: Saturday, June 05, 2010 8:44 AM To: Andy @ Sam Hill Entertainment Subject: Re: Venture Rays follow up

Andy, Thanks for reaching out. The Venture Rays were wonderful! They really did a spectacular job at our wedding. My biggest thing was having a band that could keep people out on the dance floor - and Venture Rays did just that. So much dancing!!! They were really, really great! I couldn't be happier with how the night turned out.

Thanks, Jennie


"The Venture Rays perform a great show including both modern music along with some not so distance past hits with a modern twist. The band is current, professional, and easy to work with. They've been at our outdoor events the last two years, and we consider them one of the top bands in Central VA."

Brian B. Mancini Director, Dinwiddie County Parks and Recreation


From: Julia Beiter Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2009 2:28 PM To: Subject: RE: Venture Rays

Hi Andy, We are back from the honeymoon and all settled in, so I wanted to respond to your email that I received last week. I'm not sure if my mom responded yet or not, but we absolutely loved the venture rays. They played a wide variety of music for our guests... everyone (including me!) was on their feet the entire reception. They played the familiar hits with their own twist to the song... and kept it upbeat to keep the crowd interested. We had some issues with the weather and they were very accommodating. They even played a little late for us when the other parts of our reception (dinner, cake) went long. They really made our event the amazing party that it was, despite some rain! Many of our guests complimented us on the talent of the band and couldnt believe that we hired them without ever seeing/hearing them in person! I would absolutely hire them again - I just wish we could have heard them play for longer during the night. I was on the dance floor chanting "One more song!" at the end of the night... sadly we were already past the noise ordinance time for the town. Thanks again for recommending them, please send on my compliments if you speak with them.

Julia Hayes


From: Mary Beiter Sent: Monday, October 19, 2009 8:27 PM To: Subject: Re: Venture Rays

Hey Andy The Venture Rays were great. They learned a song for us and kept the party going past their scheduled stop time. They were pleasant and professional and we loved having them. Please pass our names on to anyone considering them for a wedding. Thanks for following up!

Mary Beiter (mother of the bride)


Other Happy Customers! :-)